Feature Working with the iPad and Final Cut Pro X

As many people complain about Final Cut Pro X, I found a pretty funny way how to use your iPad as an external device. Here is how it works and usable it is:


  1. Buy the App AirDisplay [Link] in the AppStore (7,99€ here in Europe)
  2. Download the support app for your Mac [Link], Install it and reboot
  3. Launch Final Cut Pro X and select Window—> Show Events on Second Display


Is that really working?

Well, it is working, but it’s not THAT dream. You’ll see either your Viewer or Events Browser on the iPad. Thinking of the amount of data, that has to be packed and transfered via Wi-Fi it is comprehensible that it’s not like HDMI. It is a bit pixelated and minimal time-displaced (See video below).

The resolution is 1024x768, so you don’t have that wide space, but for the tiny size of the iPad it’s perfectly read- and viewable.

I tried this, because my 13” MacBook Pro was to small to view everything. I would not recommend using the iPad as primary Viewer monitor. This is too buggy. But as an external Event Browser, this is kinda neet and usable. You even can drag and drop the sequences on the touch-screen of the iPad! I also noticed a difference in the speed between using the app with an Adhoc-Wifi from the Macbook and with the normal Wifi of the Router. The Adhoc version worked a lot better (also used in the video).



The pictures are partly owned by avatron software. Some are self-made screenshots. Full rights of the video.