Industry News 4k on Vimeo is here!

Vimeo goes 4k! For long you had two options: Watch it in SD or HD. Publisher also had the option to choose whether HD means 720p or 1080p but that changes now. They included a technology called adaptive streaming which let's the player choose the video quality based on the connection speed and display resolution. YouTube and other streaming providers already use this method for a while.

Additionally Vimeo expands its limit from 1080p to 4k and also adds 60fps streaming for HD videos.

Here's how to do it:

Whether you'll be able to share 4k videos or not depends on your type of account:

BASIC: Wait until 2016, Vimeo is still working on it for your account.

PLUS: All videos uploaded after December 8th will be transcoded in up to 4k resolution depending on the source file.

PRO: Everything from August 4th or later is already available in 4k if you uploaded it in such quality