Live Production Movi - All-In-One Live Streaming Camera

Livestream just announced their very own Live Event Camera ahead of this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The camera called "Movi" features a 4k sensor that enables multiple shots at once. Through the dedicated iPhone app users can select up to 9 virtual shots in 720p quality from the 4k image.

This technology is currently widely used in Live Sports Broadcasts where cameras providing images with a resolution of 4k or larger are used for Slow Motion Replays. Operators are able to crop and zoom into the action. Now Livestream brought the same technology to an affordable consumer level.

Movi is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for anyone – regardless of video experience – to capture and share their life’s most meaningful events with the production value these events deserve.

– Jesse Hertzberg, CEO of Livestream

The integrated face detection even lets the software track people within the shot. The Movi has mainly been designed to be used with Livestream's popular streaming platform but the app also allows to share recorded clips on Social Networks like Facebook or YouTube.

Judging by the possibilities that this camera offers one could expect a price beyond 500 bucks but the camera itself is currently priced at $399 or $199 if you pre-order now.

Tech Specs:

  • Nine virtual cameras with Pan, Zoom and cut between different shots
  • 4k recording to an SD card
  • Integrated 1,200 mAh battery which runs up to 1 hour
  • Integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connection
  • 150-degree all glass lens


There is an additional module called Movi Boost which enables a few professional features like an Ethernet connection for a wired internet connection or a USB plug to attach a 4G LTE modem. Additionally the integrated 12,000 mAh battery makes it possible to shoot up to 10 hours.

The black housing comes with a mount on the bottom for usage with traditional mic stands or tripods. It is also IPX4-rated enabling outdoor operation during rain.

Even without the Movi Boost the camera can be used as a remote source with the Livestream Studio Software, which is their professional production suite for Windows.

The bundle with a Movi camera and the Movi Boost will cost $649 or just $399 if you pre-order now.


I personally don't think that this camera will be a real competitor to traditional live streaming setups with vision mixers and everything around that.
This camera serves an interesting niche: People and situations where a low-cost live stream provides value to the producer and their viewers. For example small shops and businesses that want to interact with their customers, small conferences, upcoming musicians or even weddings. All those situations that can't afford bigger production equipment and can sacrifice a bit of quality.

In the end this camera just provides one angle with multiple image sizes. But this absolutely doesn't mean that it will be unusable. If you know the restrictions and are fine with them - perfect! I think I'm even going to pick one up myself as it might come handy in certain situations.

Learn more about the camera or pre-order a unit on getmovi.com.

© Pictures and Video by Movi/ Livestream. Edited by Daniel Freytag