Opinion My personal favorite new products from NAB 2012

All the major product releases are sufficiently covered by several news websites like DSLR News Shooter, planet5d, Wideopencamera, etc. (I collect the best articles on the NAB 2012 sub-page!). But I also found several nice products, which I personally like best.


SmallHD HDMI clamp

SmallHD is currently handing out several "beta-products" of the new HDMI clamp. This little product prevents the HDMI plug in the camera from breaking. In comparison to the LockPort clamp (Review here), the SmallHD product needs no baseplate. It easily gets attached to the metal-pin, which normally attaches the shoulder strap. Unfortunately this product will only be available for the Canon 5D cameras at first. They are awaiting the feedback from the beta-users and will start the batch production then. The price is estimated to be as low as $49.


Bebob Rigs

You probably already know the extremely powerful Bebob batteries. They are now entering a new market and release a series of rigs. Those are specifically designed for the Canon EOS and EOS C series, but might also be used in combination with Sony NEX cameras. To me those rigs looked promising, because they are extremely lightweight and have lots of mounting options. More information will be released soon and shipping should start in 2 months.


Livestream broadcaster

The livestream broadcaster is just a tiny little red box, which has an HDMI input. It allows you to stream any content from your camera or live program provided by a Tricaster, DataVideo, BlackMagic or more. The ultimate advantage with this box is the fact that you can operate without any PC. This gives you much more flexibility. The broadcaster can either be used with Ethernet or a mobile 3G USB stick. The price of $495 is also very reasonable.

Another cool thing is "New Livestream". This update to the previous livestream service provides you with the possibility to post photos or text messages from the iPhone and iPad app. This makes it a great device for live perfomances, which also want to provide additional content. This is not a big new product for DSLR or S35 shooters, but it'll be great for livecasts, news, or various other uses.


SmallHD DP7

Yes, there was another product from SmallHD, which I really liked today. It is a new 7" OLED monitor with an unbelievable picture. It is quite hard to describe, but despite it is only a 720p it looks fantastic! It is also supposed to be this good, because it costs twice as much as a DP6 ($2,699).


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