Industry News Pelican Air - Lighter than ever before!

Well-known case manufacturer Pelican announced a major update to their case series: Pelican Air. The new line of cases are up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases. That's a lot!!

Let's take the Pelican 1510 for example, a popular model for many filmmakers. The Air-equivalent model 1535 weights just 3.9kg (8.69lbs) without foam versus the 5.4kg (11.99lbs) for the previous generation.

The new cases still have all the features from the previous ones like Automatic Purge Valve to balance Air Pressure, a Watertight O-Ring and the known crush and dust resistance.

Another big update is the fact that all new models are now available as *TP version, meaning the standard padded dividers are already replaced by the amazing TrekPak divider system!

You can check the prices for each of the six new model now at B&H [Link].