Social Media Both Twitter and Tumblr expand Video Options

The battle for attention goes on and video is a big part of it. Tumblr launched an integration for livestreams from YouTube, YouNow and more. They decided against building yet another livestreaming service but went for the integration route. Starting today you can start a stream and send it directly to your Tumblr blog which will also trigger an alert for your followers. So far neither Periscope nor Facebook Live are on the list of supported apps but considering Periscope's vague rumor that embedding will soon be a thing we might expect an update at some point.

More about Tumblr Live on: livevideo.tumblr.com.

Speaking of Periscope and Twitter: The 30 second video limit on Twitter is no longer a thing! *insert excited gif*


All video uploads on Twitter can now be up to 140 seconds long which can be considered an acceptable length for this platform. The attention span on such a fast paced network won't be any longer than that. The announcement comes just days before the video conference vidcon kicks off in Anaheim. Along with the release of "Engage" it clearly shows the importance of the network's influencers to move the platform forward. Engage allows everyone to get a better understanding of their followers, interactions and tweets. The app is now available in the US app store.

Now what?

The update clearly shows Twitter's focus and also enables a lot of capabilities for news on Twitter. Just think about update videos, interviews on location or other stuff that was too long for Vine but too short for Periscope.

The limitation of 140 seconds also seems to show that Twitter doesn't want you to upload your original content on its platform to achieve a better position in the timeline (which seems to be a goal that Facebook is pursuing). It rather want original and authentic relatively short clips from influencers to boost the overall interaction.