Work, work, work, work...

My main job is being the Production Manager at Knappe1a which is an agency and film production company from Karlsruhe. Our work mostly focusses on local ads, live productions and new formats for cooperate storytelling.

But sometimes other projects draw my attention. For example partnerships with companies for social storytelling, product promotions, event coverage and similar things. I also built a pool of rental equipment and services ranging from cameras, to microphones, cloud storage solutions and even a small live production setup. That's why I started the brand FRYTG digital, as a unit for all those separate things.

This page features some past and recent projects showing the wide range of skills and productions.

Social Media Content

I love telling stories with innovative videos for Social Media channels.

A short 15sec illustrated Valentino's set-up process for their shop on 5th Avenue in New York City. View the clip on Instagram that collected over 10,000 likes!
(edited and graded for Parlay Studios, New Jersey)

BWjetzt is responsible for the state marketing for Baden-W├╝rttemberg and invited a group of bloggers to join "Stallw├Ąchterparty" in Berin which is an annual party with people from politics, culture and more. You can watch my summary video on Youtube.

The EBU concert from Germany a few weeks before Christmas 2015 was accompanied with Social Media Content for German television. Selected posts and images were also shown during the live broadcast. I was part of the team that produced behind the scenes content on location during the broadcast.

For my YouTube channel I started producing videos with experimental shooting styles. Simply try new stuff and learn by doing so for future projects.

Live Production

Producing and distributing video feeds can be a huge benefit for events and companies. Additional integration into popular live streaming services like Facebook Live and Youtube enable even more possibilities.

For an exclusive and memorable evening the live production unit was used to playback pre-recorded clips as well as live inserts. The signal was shown on two big projections for the audience and monitors for the production crew.
(produced at Knappe1a)

A reliable live streaming solution was created to broadcast the Opening Ceremony of Karlsruhe's 300th birthday celebrations live on the internet. The live production unit served as an encoding endpoint for the web channel and Smart-TV app.
(produced at Knappe1a for Baden TV)

Corporate Films

Work in progress. (That's not just a phrase. Real things will happen soon!)

In 2016 we went to Cologne for Europe's largest trade fair for sports, fitness and more. Everything was filmed in UltraHD/ 4k for several final promotional films. Click here to watch a 30sec "DoP-Edit" of my favorite shots!
(produced by Knappe1a on behalf of Studio B60 for Reed Exhibitions)

Showcasing a regional banks' value through the work and life of their employees was our concept. Furthermore we added a virtual reality into the film, which gives insights into their personal life. The film is on Youtube (German only)!
(produced by Knappe1a in cooperation with ZKM Karlsruhe)

To promote campaigns from Karlsruhe's tourism office, they wanted to produce several spots for their social media channels. Some of them even had different versions for each platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram). So far these spots reached an audience of 55k+ people.
(produced at Knappe1a)


"Blogging is just graffiti with words" said one of the characters in the film Contagion. In a way, that's true. It's a certain type of art and needs passion to keep it up regularly.

In 2015 I felt that several topics weren't covered by the local press. Especially around start-ups, younger culture and the creative scene. It's not a full-time project, so new articles are published once I have a spare second. It got quite some attention in the first year and hopefully soon as well.

With articles going back to 2009, it is probably my longest running project. It started as one of the first DSLR filmmaking blogs and grew into an outlet for everything around reviews, film, media, press, networks and more.

Picture credits: 1 Marc Leyendecker / others: Daniel Freytag