Do you know those stories about picking up a camera for the first time and knowing that this is what you want to do? Yeah I know they're usually cute but most importantly mostly true.


Hey, it's me, Daniel Freytag.
Digital Storyteller and Problemsolver on the internet.
Also a fan of Traveling, Cycling, Photography and Design.
🇪🇺 European at heart.

I'm currently based in 🇳🇱 Amsterdam in the Netherlands while working for 🇩🇪 German broadcaster Südwestrundfunk (SWR) where I make cool app, web, bot and voice projects happen.

To find out more about my current projects have a look at my Social Media pages or the Feed on my website.


And talking business: I have a company based in 🇪🇪 Estonia.
Yes Estonia, that country you didn't hear much about, but they're really pushing opportunities for digital people like me. Read more about that on the FRYTG digital OÜ page.


If you want to get in touch or have questions, use any of the buttons below. The best option for a quick answer is probably Twitter or Telegram.