Download RAW files from the Blackmagic camera

Yesterday I already posted a RAW picture taken with the Blackmagic Camera. Today I uploaded a few more files, in case you want to try grading the footage.

Here is the stuff, which is currently online:

Orchid 1: 2.5K full-size PNG, 2.5K full-size DNG

Orchid 2: 2.5K full-size PNG2.5K full-size DNG

Lonely man: 2.5K full-size PNG, 2.5K full-size DNG

Bushes: 1080p25 ProRes file (Film mode)

I'm currently writing a long blog post about this camera including my personal opinion and more. It'll be online in the next few days. In the meantime please share this page, feel free to download the files and please make use of the Tip Jar button below the Vimeo video if you appreciate these files.

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