Review: F&V K4000 LED Panel

During the last few months I worked with the brand-new K4000 LED light by F&V. I previously worked with and reviewed the Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Color. So I went the pretty obvious way and compared those two lights. I also included one of Bebob's LUX-LED lights in the test.


For the first test I simply placed an object on a table and lit it with one of the lights at a time. I chose this bottle because it slightly reflects the lights and I wanted to see, which one of them produces the softest light. The K4000 is slightly brighter than the other two because all lights were at 100% and it simply has more output (You can download the HQ pictures as well: Pic 1, pic 2, pic 3).
I personally would say that all lights are equally soft. I didn't expect that, because the K4000 outputs more light with a panel, which is smaller than the Litepanels 1x1. I was told that there will be a softbox manufactured by F&V very soon, which should make the light even softer. The advantage of the Bebob LUX-LED over the two other lights is simply the fact that it is focusable like a Fresnel.


My second criterion during the test was the amoung of light each one of the products generates. Here's a gif that says it all:

About the setting: Each light is at 100% and the camera settings are the same in each shot. The odd greenish look of the Bebob light is clearly visible here. The location was my father's store at night.


After working with all three lights I think that the Litepanels 1x1 and F&V K4000 are one of the best LED lights at the moment. However there is one more important point: the price!
A 1x1 Bi-Color costs, according to B&H, something around $2,700, even the LS Mono version costs more than $1,200! One F&V K4000 (Daylight) costs just little over 400 bucks. Bargain!

Bi- or Mono?

Well, Bi-Color definitely has its advantage but I personally prefer the Mono version because it simply generate more output.

Where to buy?

F&V has both an American and European store:



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