F&V shows off new UltraColor Soft lights

If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I'm a big fan of F&V's lights. At NAB 2016 they unveiled a new UltraColor Soft series joining their standard and High-CRI line-up.

With 1841 lux @ 1m and with a beam angle of 130°, the Z400S Soft is already a very bright light. The KS-1 intensifier concentrates the light into a 50° beam angle, increasing the brightness to an incredible 4400 lux @ 1m (5600K). The light is passively cooled without any noise. The UltraColor Soft series provides a pure, white light with true color reproduction and a TLCI of up to 99 - The TLCI index (Television Lighting Consistency Index) describes the color accuracy of lights (the higher, the better).

F&V will also start shipping a new Honeycomb Grid and Spacelights for the 1x1 and 2x1 lights.

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