Let's work together!

Creating a film is always something exciting.

Telling a great story never gets an old.

And a great photograph can connect people.

I love doing those things! Creating films, telling stories, taking pictures, sharing content and everything around that.

Until the end of 2016 I've worked with several TV stations and production companies in Germany, across Europe and on occasions beyond those borders. As many of those, that follow me online, know, I've mostly worked with a production company here in Karlsruhe, Germany as Production Manager. We've created some really great films, hosted amazing events, produced great live content.

This year, 2017, I'm taking the time to see where I want to go. I always appreciate new challenges and love meeting new interesting people. So here's what I'm interested in and what I'm looking for:

A great new job opportunity within Europe. Ideally something around the fields of film production, live production, storytelling and social media.

What I've done so far? Just recently I updated frytg.com/work which hosts many examples of my previous work.

But beyond that: I see myself more out in the field than behind a desk. More of a hands-on/ let's-get-things-done than a let's-do-this-tomorrow guy. Bringing together both the technical side of things as well as the creative part. Feeling confident in the entire Adobe Cloud suite and advanced knowledge in other graphics software like Affinity Designer or Cinema4D. Additionally I've built my own small live production kit, which has been used on a variety of events in the past.
I'd never call myself a web developer but over the years I also learned to be confined within the world of web servers and picked up PHP, JS, HTML5 and the handling of APIs.

Yes, those are very wide-spread skills but I'd consider them an addition to my work in film production as they come in handy on many occasions.

That's me. That's what I want to work in. If you are interested yourself or know someone who might be: Let's get in touch*!

And on that note: Happy New Year!

*Feel free to drop me an email: contact@frytg.com or send me a message on Twitter: @FRYTG.