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This website stores a cookie called CraftSessionId which is generated by our CMS but does not give us any features to track users, it's just there. Furthermore we use a Cookie eu-agreed to check whether you allowed us to use cookies (button above).

Data Privacy/ Analytics

We explicitly do not use any external tracking or analytics scripts!
We have our own tool in place that stores every pageview into a database. Any information saved during this process is just as a reference how well an article is performing and does not allow us to track or collect user traceable data. Still don't trust it? The entire script is publicly available on Github [Link].

All in all we do not collect ANY personal information about the visitors on the website.

Are you serious?

YES. We kicked every external script that crawls user data off this website. Yes, no tracking script from that social network your weird friends are still on. Jokes aside, I take privacy seriously and this website represents that. If you have any questions, send me an email (linked below).

Embedded scripts and iframes

On several pages iframes, video players and social media embeds are being used. Even with the highest attention we cannot control the privacy of those site. By continuing to browse on this website you agree to the usage of such external plugins.

Doesn't work?

If you're clicking the "I agree" button but nothing happens, it probably means that your browser doesn't support Cookies.

I'm always happy to answer your questions!
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